To My Ladies: 5 Ways to Make Yourself Feel FIERCE, Again.

Each of us has a RED-HOT burning fire inside of us.

You know the one I’m talking about.

Inside your core self — you have that unlimited motivation to work out, meal prep and eat well, own your career and radiate endless creative sexual energy. It puts you into that flow state of driving the direction of your life and feeling very self-confident in who you are. Time flies easily, and no one can stand in your way.

I commonly refer to this internal burning fire as the “Fierce”, heartfelt and powerful energy we each have.

Sometimes however, we find that internal burning fire — has burnt out. That zest for creating new things can diminish, your desire for eating well and building good habits can take a turn in the wrong direction. You end up wasting time and notice you’re more bored than excited, your physical grooming ends up last on the priority list, and you experience a loss of passion in your relationships and sexual life.

Here are my top 5 ways to get yourself back to FIERCE:

1) Start on a Monday or Sunday and begin with a list.

If your commitment to “Fierce” isn’t in writing, then it’s not going to stick around. List 5 things that you feel are lack-lustre in your life and that need some fire, sass and oomph. For each listed item, come up with 2 ways you plan on changing each of them for the better this week.

2) Get yourself out there — and show up FABULOUSLY.

Say YES to more meet ups (online works well) with friends and family; GO ON DATES with new people or your current partner, and bring your A game. Dress up for these occasions, no matter how big or small, even if you’re not leaving the house — you can always step it up (adding a couple candles would be perfect for a romantic mood/sensual energy vibe).

3) Listen to your jam.

Everyone has a song or two in their playlist that takes them back to a time when they were on top (that sassy tune that brings out your fun and wild side, that girls’ night out theme song from back in the day…) — listen to them more often.

4) Weightlifting/body weight lifting*.

There’s something transformational about these heavy and challenging movements that can bring out the “fire” in you. Don’t shy away from your Feminine strength. Aim to lift heavy weight/body weight 2–3 times a week, adjusting for your personal health goals.

(*As with any routine, ensure you have the all clear from your doctor first)

5) Wear your nicest undergarments:

And while at that, think about investing in some high-quality future pieces that make you feel sexy, fierce and on top of your world. Set an intention to wear them every day. This is a game changer. It’s amazing how something so small, can have a such big difference as you start to your day.

There you have it my lovelies.

As always, Much Love xo

Canadian Writer & Marketer. Achieve your highest potential and live your best life.